We have all experienced slow websites and clicked that “back button” when browsing the web.

That’s exactly that what potential customers are doing if your website is not properly speed optimised.

The fastest and easiest way to improve the speed of a website is by having good hosting, but more on that in a moment.

The main reasons why you should obsess about website speed:

#1 Organic Rankings Are Largely Affected by Website Speed

Everyone wants to “Be number #1 on Google”, but many people overlook website speed as one of the core drivers.

Even Google themselves have publicly announced that websites that load faster will rank higher on their platform.

Below is an image of what happened to a clients business in the 2 weeks after they moved their hosting to Speed Host.

Notice how the “new users” went through the roof?

This is because people aren't clicking that back button anymore. They are staying on the site and spending money.

#2 The Faster The Website, The More Sales

Everyone also wants more leads and sales and in the below screen shot, there is a different example of another client that moved their hosting to us on the same day.

You will notice that while “new users” is not quite as big of an improvement as the first one, the revenue has increased 551% because more people are now spending more.

#3 Mobile Users Suffer More

Recent studies have shown that mobile internet users are even more impatient than desktop users, with 47% of mobile users saying they expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.

If you think you could benefit from faster website hosting then give us a call.

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